Tuesday, November 1, 2011

right know

i am 8 now i will be 9 in 2 weeks
right now ir4de icarus is trying to type on the keyboard trying to annoye me

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Jack finally meets Little Red Riding

One day, a young boy named Jack went strolling on a trip to his friends house to have some fun.

When he got there he was surprised to see a giant beanstalk in place of his friends house.

Jack went over to the beanstalk and looked up with horror, he said{i need to get up before it is

6:00} So jack started to climb the huge beanstalk. He climbed up and found a little girl. Her name

was little red riding hood. She was lost and she was trying to find her grandma's house. She had lost

her way so Jack helped her. While Jack and Little red riding hood were trying to find Grandma's

house, Grandma was worried about little red riding hood but a woodcutter came in and said he

would go and look for her.

Meanwhile, Jack and little red riding hood found a castle. They read a note saying {DO NOT

DARE TO OPEN, TROUBLE IS FOUND}. Jack and little red riding hood did not know what it

meant and just went in anyway. A giant chased after them but suddenly the woodcutter arrived and

saved them. He brought them home to Grandma's house and they had some dinner there.